Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity



A huge, imposing cruise liner is moored at the terminal right outside, while dozens of freighters, tugboats, barges and launches travel back and forth on the water. You take in the panorama of the port, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, and the roofs and spires of the city centre ... safe in the knowledge that you have set up your home in a rather special place.

Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Panoramic view of your new home port
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Evening view of the city centre and the Elbphilharmonie concert hall from the 14th floor
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Morning view of Hamburg Cruise Center from the 14th floor
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
View of the Elbe and the port from the 10th floor
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
View of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall and Grasbrookhafen from the 7th floor
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
View of the Elbe and the port from the 3rd floor
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity



All Strandhaus condominiums were developed on the basis of a very simple requirement: that each and every owner feels at home from the very first moment. Thanks to intelligent room division and carefully considered floor plans, you will have a sense that everything is just as it should be right from the start. Ranging from a compact 60 to a luxurious 300 square metres, all the apartments offer first-class living comfort.



Apartment no. PDFFloor m2 RoomsAvailability
2A Show2 128,7 3sold
2B Show2 157,3 4sold
2C Show2 60,2 2sold
2D Show2 64,8 2sold
2E Show2 138,9 3sold
2F Show2 125,5 3sold
2G Show2 39,5 1sold
3A Show3 133,8 3sold
3B Show3 162,5 4sold
3C Show3 68,9 2sold
3D Show3 73,3 2sold
3E Show3 138,9 3sold
3F Show3 125,5 3sold
3G Show3 39,8 1sold
4A Show4 133,8 3sold
4B Show4 162,8 4sold
4C Show4 68,9 2sold
4D Show4 73,3 2sold
4E Show4 138,9 3sold
4F Show4 125,5 3sold
4G Show4 39,8 1sold
5A Show5 133,8 3sold
5B Show5 162,8 4sold
5C Show5 68,9 2sold
5D Show5 73,3 2sold
5E Show5 138,9 3sold
5F Show5 125,5 3sold
5G Show5 39,8 1sold
6A Show6 133,8 3sold
6B Show6 162,8 4sold
6C Show6 68,9 2sold
6D Show6 73,0 2sold
6E Show6 137,9 3sold
6F Show6 125,5 3sold
6G Show6 39,8 1sold
7A Show7 104,4 3sold
7B Show7 162,8 4sold
7C Show7 213,0 4sold
7D Show7 120,6 3sold
8A Show8 104,4 3sold
8B Show8 162,8 4sold
8C Show8 68,1 2sold
8D Show8 121,8 3sold
8E Show8 110,4 3sold
9A Show9 104,4 3sold
9B Show9 162,8 4sold
9C Show9 68,1 2sold
9D Show9 121,8 3sold
9E Show9 110,4 3sold
10A Show10 104,4 3sold
10B Show10 161,3 4sold
10C Show10 68,1 2sold
10D Show10 121,8 3sold
10E Show10 110,4 3sold
11A Show11 104,43sold
11B Show11 161,3 4sold
11C Show11 192,6 5sold
11D Show11 111,8 3sold
12A Show12 104,4 3sold
12B Show12 161,3 4sold
12C Show12 192,1 5sold
12D Show12 111,8 3sold
13A Show13 104,4 2available
13B Show13 163,0 3sold
13C Show13 193,3 4available
13D Show13 111,8 3sold
14A Show14 271,3 5sold
14B Show14 313,1 6available
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity



A port city, business hub and cultural metropolis – Hamburg has many facets and even more history. But in addition to centuries of mercantile history, Hamburg effuses a spirit of progress: under development since the turn of the millennium, the HafenCity is one of the world’s most dynamic urban development projects. Its unique location between the Elbe and the Speicherstadt warehouse district, innovative architecture, perfect infrastructure and closeness to the city centre make it an inspirational place to live which is unparalleled in Germany and beyond.

Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Historic Speicherstadt warehouse district – the vibrant UNESCO World Heritage site in the direct vicinity of the Strandhaus
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Shopping around the city hall – design and fashion flagship stores located between Neuer Wall and Grosse Bleichen
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Culture in a classical setting – the Laeiszhalle concert hall has been staging first-class concerts for more than a century
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
The metropolis between the Alster and the Elbe offers quality of life with all the facets of a cosmopolitan city
Hafen City
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
The Mediterranean meets the maritime – the Magellan terraces at Kaiserkai
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Urban flair by the water – evening by the Sandtorhafen dock
Strandhaus Hamburg HafenCity
Hamburg’s newest landmark – the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, a cultural flagship of international renown


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